Choosing The Ideal Security Screen Door For Your Home.

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  • March 13, 2017
  • On a hot and sultry summer, do you feel like leaving your door wide open and letting in some fresh air and light, but feel hesitant to do so due to security issues that pose a threat to your home? Rockingham Glass assures quality security screen doors in Perth. They are backed by a dedicated installation team who are said to provide the finest service to their customers. shares an interesting fact on creating your own secret door – a hideaway concealed within just about seven steps! They talk about the methods of creating these hideaways.

    So what are the features that one should seek when it come to opting for a security screen door? Here are some of them:

    • Mitered corners:
    These are corners with solid steel on the top as well as the bottom part rather than hollow ones. Hollow corners could allow water to seep in the frame and thus have the door rusted from inside. This rust may cause stains to your sidewalk or scoop. If you opt for tube-frame mounting, see to it that it has mitered corners.

    • Closers:
    Do ensure that a pneumatic closer is used by your security screen door that you have chosen while pulling it shut.

    • Wind chains:
    The purpose of wind chains is to stop your door from opening too far ahead. So these are very handy indeed.

    • Sill extensions:
    If you want to ensure that the bottom part of your door is sealed tight from bugs, you require sill extensions.

    • Matching keys:
    You can tell the door installer to rekey your security screen door that matches your key for the entry door. This will prevent you from having to use two keys to enter.

    So get a door for yourself that spells out security as well as provides you your much-needed oxygen and light while letting you breathe comfortably.

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