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  • February 4, 2017
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    Eggs are rich in nutrients and considered to be one of the super foods. Eggs are appetizing. Eggs contain necessary amino acids, a natural source of excessive protein and several nutrients the body requires. Can you imagine how many calories in an egg? An egg contains 70 calories but depending on the way you cook the number of calories may vary. Are you interested in getting delicious recipes made of the egg? There are many mouth-watering egg recipes and new dishes to treat your family, friends, and kids in bbcgoodfood.com. Studies have proved egg to have wholesome benefits and here are some:

    Eggs are considered to be the healthiest foods on the earth that include each and every nutrient a person requires. Eggs are rich in protein and are amazingly fulfilling. Pastured eggs and eggs enriched with Omega-3 are healthier than normal eggs. Eggs contain Zinc, Vitamin E, D, K, B6 and Calcium which amounts to seventy-seven calories, five grams of fats, six grams of protein.

    The fact that, eggs have high cholesterol is true but it varies from person to person. The cholesterol in the blood is not raised due to the intake of cholesterol in the diet. Actually liver produces huge amounts of cholesterol daily but when you consume eggs the cholesterol produced in the liver seems to be less. Cholesterol level is not raised due to the intake of eggs in seventy percent of people but when in the rest of the thirty percent, intake of eggs slightly raises LDL and total cholesterol.

    An essential nutrient called Choline is present in eggs, which many people lack. Choline is an unbelievably vital substance which is clustered with B vitamins. Cell membranes are built with the help of Choline and signaling molecules are produced in the brain along with several other functions. Eggs are a good source of Choline.

    Consumption of egg leads to high levels of good cholesterol which are proved to bring down the risk of diseases like stroke, heart problems, and several other health-related problems. Good Cholesterol or HDL is raised by regular intake of eggs. Ten percent of HDL can be increased by consuming two eggs daily continued for six weeks.

    Pastured eggs or eggs enriched with Omega-3 contain a major quantity of fatty acids with Omega-3. Blood triglycerides can be reduced drastically by consuming eggs rich in Omega-3.

    Zeaxanthin and Lutein are antioxidants significant for the healthiness of the eye. There are proved results that show the intake of adequate quantity of Zeaxanthin and Lutein can considerably bring down the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Zeaxanthin and Lutein are found in egg yolks in larger quantities.

    All the significant amino acids required by the human body are present in eggs and eggs are rich in animal proteins.

    Studies have proved that it is safe to take three eggs every day. Eggs are perfect nature food.
    You will get all the nutritional benefits of intake of eggs in daily. The best part of it is that eggs can be prepared instantly which matches with any food item and gives a fantastic taste.

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